Buyer Rebates - Commission Credit to Buyers

Don’t let real estate commissions give you nightmares! Get a substantial credit at closing.

50% of Commissions Credited

Split our buyer’s agent commissions with you is what we do. Get your closing costs paid!

Need Help Selling Your Home?

If selling your home on your own is not as easy as you thought, we’re here to help without breaking the bank!

Frank is Happy 🙂

You’ll be happy too when you hire us to sell your home. We provide top-notch service at a flat fee, payable at closing only so there is absolutely no risk to you.

Ral Estate Commission Credit to Buyers - Flat Fee Florida Realty Rebates

Selling your home doesn’t have to mean paying a fortune to your realtor. Flat Fee Florida Realty charges a low flat fee with no upfront costs whatsoever.